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;● and the German investor will permi

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t ●the imposition upon him of the Russ●ian bonds.Sheep must be shorn, coolly ●said

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one of the brokers to me, when ▓I expressed a doubt that the ▓German imperial government would p▓ay for its political business with the hard-●earned pennies of its investors.Yo▓ur Bismarck did not

hesitate for● a moment to throw Russian values into ?/p>


駎he street, and to destroy thereby millia▓rds of German property, when it suited h▓is political convenience.Your presen▓t government will not be at all embarrassed▓ in sacrificing again milliards o

f ●German property to place us under obligation●.And


, finally, no one is compel▓led to it.Whoever is not able to fig▓ure sufficiently to see how Wishneg▓radski prepared the balances to dece▓ive the eye had better keep his money in his sto●cking and

not buy securities.If he does buy t▓hem, let him blee

d.Another explained, ▓however: The Germans will buy o●ur bonds.When no other bait is at●tractive there is still one left to us.Whe▓n the landowner sells his crops, a▓nd is thinking of investing his proceeds, ●the banker will say to him, 'How about a● little of the Russian securities' 'But t▓hose are supposed to be insecure●,' answers the good fellow.▓'The idea! This is only a Jewish trick.●Probably on account of Kis

hinef.' And ▓the good fellow will hand over ▓his shekels, for he cannot be ▓fooled about Kishinef. XIV A FUNERAL▓ You are here at an opport●une moment, said one of my St.Petersburg fr▓iends, who had rendered me important se▓rvices in my studies.Mikhail▓ovski died suddenly, and will be bu▓ried to-morrow. Mikhailovsk●i I was almost ashamed to admit that I was ●entirely ignorant of the services o●f this man, and did not

understand what ▓interest his funeral could have f●or me.My friend had pronounced the▓ name as if no tolerably well-educated pers●on in all the wide world could have the least do●ubt as to its significance.I had to ▓acknowledge again how little we, in the West,▓ know of Russian life.I am ▓not of the people who have read least about● Russia, but Mikhailovski's name was as unfa●miliar to me as that of Julius Rod●enberg to a Chi

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